Mechanical Engineering Department

Faculty Profile of Mechanical Engineering

Mr. Mohammad Saleem Ahanger

Qualification : M.Sc Chemistry
Position : Lecturer Mechanical Engineering
Experience : 10 Years Teaching Experience.
Specialization : Inorganic Chemistry
Physical Chemistry, Metallurgy
Contact : 9419494280
E-mail :

Er Bilal Ahmad Khan

Qualification : Diploma Mechanical Engineering, AMIE
Position : Demonstrator Mechanical Engineering
Experience : 4 years Industry Experience
4 Years Teaching Experience
Specialization : CADD, Workshop Technology,
Manufacturing Engineering
Contact : 7006003411
E-mail :

Mr. Qazi Khalid Mehraj

Qualification : B.Tech Mechanical Engineering
Position : Lecturer Mechanical engineering
Experience : 2 Years Industry Experience
4 Years Teaching Experience
Specialization : Thermal Engineering, Mechanical Drawings
Operations and maintenance Engineering
Supply Chain Management
Contact : 9596331191
E-mail :

Mr. Mohammad Younis Parray

Qualification : B.Tech Mechanical Engineering
Position : Lecturer Mechanical engineering
Experience : 4 Years Teaching Experience
Specialization : Production Management, Fluid Mechanics
Mechatronics, Manufacturing Engineering
Contact : 7006080661
E-mail :

Mr. Javid Iqbal Bhat

Qualification : M.Sc Mathematics, B.Ed. M.Ed
Position : Lecturer Mathematics
Experience : 8 Years Teaching Experience.
Specialization : Linear Algebra, Differential Calculus, Abstract Algebra
Differential Equations
Contact : 7006262920
E-mail :

Mr. Aarifa Habeeb

Qualification : M.A English, B.Ed. M.Ed
Position : Lecturer English
Experience : 10 Years Teaching Experience.
Specialization : English Literature
Contact :  
E-mail :  

Mr. Hafeez Ahmad Ganaie

Qualification : 10th, ITI in Plumbing
Position : Workshop Instructor
Experience : 6 Years as Plumbing Trade
3 years in H.C.C
3 Years as Workshop Assistant
Specialization : Plumbing and Workshop Practice
Contact : 7006517536
E-mail :  


Lab Infrastructure Mechanical Engineering

Laboratories constitute the backbone of Teaching-learning process of any technical institute. The institute has well equipped laboratories for Engineering and Applied sciences. Besides, new Machinery, Equipments and Tools are constantly added to support and improve the existing infrastructure.

The infrastructure availability is highlighted at a glance below:

Applied Sciences

Name of Lab


Physics Lab

  • Wheatstone Bridge
  • He-Ne Laser
  • Astronomical Telescope
  • Optical Bench
  • Ohm's law apparatus
  • Sonometer
  • SCR Characteristic Apparatus

Chemistry Lab

  • Muffle Furnace
  • P-H meter Digital
  • Oven
  • Ables Flash point Apparatus
  • Centrifuge Machine
  • Titration Apparatus
  • Volumetric analysis apparatus, etc


Applied Mechanics

  • Gravesand's Apparatrus
  • Jib Crane
  • Simply supported Beam apparatus
  • Inclined plane apparatus
  • Screw Jack
  • Single purchase crab. etc

Solid Mechanics

  • Fully Computerized digital Universal Testing Machine.
  • Impact Testing Machine- Izod and Charpy test
  • Hardness Tester

General Workshop

  • Central lathe with all attachments and accessories
  • Smithy Shop allied equipments and accessories
  • Carpentry shop allied equipments and accessories
  • Welding Shop- Arc Welding Machine, TIG Welding Machine, MIG Welding, Thermal Welding etc.

Basics Of Information Technology

  • Fully Equipped B.I.T Lab with 60 computers installed and functional along with Networking.
  • All computer components and peripherals
  • Applications softwares

Thermal Lab

  • Thermocouple, Pyrometer, Infrared Thermometer
  • Experimental Setup of Air Compressor
  • Heat Transfer Setup- Conduction, Convention, Radiation
  • Two Stroke Engine
  • Single cylinder Diesel Engine
  • Cooling System if I-C Engines
  • Lubrication system if I-C Engines
  • Dynamometer
  • MORSE Test Apparatus. Etc

Material Science And Engineering

  • Material Specimens
  • Thermocouple/Pyrometer
  • Metallurgical Microscope
  • Surface Roughness Tester. Etc

Fluid Mechanics Lab

  • Piezometer/Single and double column Manometer
  • Venturimeter
  • Bernoulli's Apparatus
  • Darcy's Friction Apparatus
  • Models of Pelton Wheel and Francis Turbine
  • Single stage centrifugal Pump. etc

Manufacturing Technology

  • Radial Drilling Machine
  • Gear Shaper
  • Milling Machine
  • Shaper Machine
  • Slotting Machine
  • Polishing Machine
  • Surface Grinder. etc

Computer Aided Drafting (CADD) Lab

  • Complete Equipped CADD LAB with 60 Desktop Computers.


  • Computer Numerical Controlled Lathe Machine with all required Attachments.

Refrigeration and Air Conditioning (R.Ac) Lab

  • Refrigeration Test Rig
  • Air-conditioning Test Rigs
  • Refrigeration Test Rig etc.


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